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It takes the right team and working environment to carry out such an ambitious vision. Transparency, collaboration and innovation are at the core of everything we do.

Zunopy believes in providing fun environment and 'can do' attitude. We like self-starters. And we're focused on results - not necessarily when or where you work in order to achieve it. We have a clear company mission and values and welcome those who believe in Zunopy's vision and step up with fresh ideas on how to achieve it. Join us.

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Open Postion
Bangalore, India

We're looking for engineers or applied scientists with experience implementing data mining and machine learning systems to help build an innovative online education system that adapts to each individual student.

What we need from you:
  • Passion and enthusiasm for building scalable systems that analyze huge data sets and make actionable recommendations
  • Proven ability to identify relationships within large, not obviously related data sets
  • Ability to work with incomplete or imperfect data
  • Familiarity with linear algebra and manipulating data using matrix algorithms
  • Ability to build and interpret probabilistic models of complex, high-dimensional systems
  • experience with quantitative analysis utilizing python
  • experience with database technologies such as SQL
  • Solid programming experience utilizing Java, C, C++ or Python

Using any of following technologies:
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Decision trees (and automatic tree generation)
  • Bayesian methods
  • Clustering techniques (principal components analysis, k-means, etc.)

What we'd like from you:
  • Hadoop or other MapReduce implementation experience
  • Semantic text mining or natural language processing experience
  • Experience in high-stakes information retrieval and statistical analysis - (i.e. Bioinformatics, Fraud Detection)

Please forward your resume to- info@zunopy.com

This is it...the opportunity to develop high quality questions and tests that help students to learn, or assess student learning levels.

What we need from you:
  • Researching and understanding the Science of Learning, participate in subject based research projects, by reading pedagogy related research work, analysing Zunopy's rich student response data, conducting think and learn.
  • Using this research to build discerning questions and create interactive content like educational games, enrichment modules, etc to help children learn with understanding online
  • Commenting and finalizing questions made by peers, validating translated questions and content, to enhance the quality of questions.
  • Analyzing large scale student response data to figure out how children think and learn
  • Building notes that highlight misconceptions based on the data and insights, and providing tips to address the same. Thinking of creative ways to reduce and remove these misconceptions

What we'd like from you:

Sound knowledge of the subject - English/ Maths/ Science/ Social Studies. Having some teaching background in the subject matter is preferred - English/ Maths/ Science/Social Studies. If you have no teaching background but have a passion for working in the education sector and sound knowledge of any of the subject, If you're interested, tell us why we'd be crazy to not hire you!

Please forward your resume on- info@zunopy.com